Small number of emergency room medics in Spain test positive for flu-like virus

Officials at a hospital in Spain confirmed that a small number of emergency department medics at its Soria hospital tested positive for the flu-like virus W32 after attending a Yuletide party on Dec. 26.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 71 ICU medics and paramedics tested positive for the Type-W32 flu virus. They are currently waiting to be tested.

Four out of five reported minor symptoms, such as low blood pressure, shortness of breath, and red skin, among others.

The tiny H3N2 strain is typically not deadly. It does occasionally cause severe flu-like symptoms, particularly among those 65 and older.

Spanish authorities said they may be investigating a parallel infection within the cardiac ward.

One staff member already has a severe case of W32, and three patients in the ward are also suspected to have the virus.

The report comes on the heels of European countries reporting a spike in flu cases across the region.

France, for example, is currently reporting its highest rates of flu flu across its 485,000 hospitals with at least 17 outbreaks.

Germany, meanwhile, also has a high number of outbreaks with over 1,200 of cases.

Germany has reported more than 20,000 cases of W32, including at least one death.

It is not expected that the outbreak, characterized by Type-W32 flu viruses, will spread to other European countries.

Europeans have faced very mild flu seasons so far this season, with its virus strains mainly being Type-B and Type-C.

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